Preparation of printing form

Preparation of printing form

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+386 420 16 330

Quick info:
+386 420 16 330

Preparation of printing form is organized in graphic studio HiFi ColorStudio, a daughter company of Gorenjski tisk. Studio works in the same facilities as Gorenjski tisk. In the scope of its graphic preparation, they offer:

  • digitalization of all sorts of templates on drum and flat scanners,
  • colour retouch and photomontage,
  • colour reproduction CMYK, CMYKOG and SpotColor,
  • receipt of files and digital confirmation on web portal InSite,
  • review of client's files, conversion of the files to the currently valid european standards and adjustment to the particular printing machine,
  • colour control on trial print "GMG", for which we give a certificate of compliance with the valid european standards,
  • production of off-set discs on three top quality CTP lines, equipped with Quantum heads. This enables rastering with finest frequently modular rasters as Staccato 20 and Staccato 10,
  • CTPs Kodak Magnus,
  • FUJI Low-Chemistry ZAK System,
  • Standard FOGRA 39, 43, 44, 47, 49, 50, etc.,
  • Briliance Profile - house ICC profile (wide gamut printing),
  • match of printed sheet with GMG digital color proof,
  • AM Screening
  • FM (»Stohastic«) Screening - Kodak Staccato®,
  • FTP Server, InSite on-line platform.

How to properly prepare PDFs for print?

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Gorenjski tisk is the most awarded Slovenian printing in the field of book production, as we have achieved eight awards "Krilati lev" in the past ten years. Award "Krilati lev" is given by the Commercial commerce of Slovenia for achieving top level of quality in book production for particular year.

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